About us

Wine and Brandy Factory “Shahnazaryan”. Heirloom is quality assurance!

The “Shahnazaryan” Wine and Brandy Factory was established in Armenia in 2005 as a family enterprise. It is named after the owners’ name, and with its name and family’s reputation it guarantees the product quality and emphasizes traditions of Armenian wine-making.

Company product lines were established in Parakar Wine and Brandy Factory, which was situated in the fertile Ararat valleys. But as soon as the “Shahnazaryan” family enterprise was established these lands were not enough. And it was decided to build a new complex for wine and brandy production in Egvard situated at the foot of the mountain Ara on the vast territory among fruit gardens, vineyards and fields 15 km away from Erevan. This is a very beautiful place with a rich history. Magnificent two-storied old church Zoravar built in the middle of the VII century decorates the vineyard at the west side. This church was built by an Armenian duke Grigor Mamikonyan. The eastern side of “Shahnazaryan”’s vineyard is decorated with a burial vault Astvatcatsin, which was built in 1301.

The complex develops rapidly in this blissful region both as a massive wine-making enterprise and a vineyard (near the Wine and Brandy Factory there is a new vineyard with the area of 50 ha).

Nowadays the company is the member of Armenian Brandy-Makers Union, and it is considered to be in the top five leaders, possessing major old brandy spirits stocks.

Moreover, nowadays the “Shahnazaryan” Wine and Brandy Factory is the major brandy spirits exporter. There are large enterprises among the company’s customers, such as Stavropolsky Wine and Brandy Factory, Usovo Wine and Brandy Cellars, Moscow Champagne Plant.

Brandy produced by the company specialists is exported to Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia and Germany.

The “Shahnazaryan” company got the highest rank (87 points out of 100) in the open competition of the best Armenian brandy-makers. The competition was organized by the “X5 Retail Group” company. And this win is a definite success.

The owners of the company develop their family brandy enterprise from the very moment of its establishment, taking into consideration, that they do it in such country where it is rather difficult to be wine-makers. Because in Armenia almost every person knows, what the real brandy is. This is the land where wine-makers are deeply respected and historically honored together with artists, philosophers and poets.

Nowadays the “Shahnazaryan” company sets the following aims:

To develop the production of Armenian Brandy of a high quality.
This aim is very important. Today one of the most modern laboratories of quality control is established in this enterprise. Only brandy spirits made of grape cultivated in Armenia are used for brandy production. Brandy is blended with crystal pure and soft spring water. Chemical preservatives and genetically modeled compounds are absent in final product.
To develop product export in Russia, winning the hearts of consumers by a real Armenian brandy of a high quality.
To develop and concentrate attention on drinking culture, to promote the brand of “Armenian brandy” among the leaders of hard drinks.