"Armenian Cognac"
To create the “Armenian Cognac” collection, our factory uses only selected, autochthonous grape varieties of Armenia, such as: Banants, Garand Mak, Mskhali, Kangun, etc. ⠀ Due to aging in oak barrels from Karabakh oak, cognac distillates with each “aged” year acquire all the great depth and versatility of taste and aroma. ⠀ Armenian cognacs of the "Armenian Cognac" line have a rich aroma of grapes and dried fruits, combined with notes of old oak and vanilla in the aftertaste.

Assortment: 3 years (g/b); 5 years (g/b); 7 years (g/b);
Volume: 0.5 l

Армениан Когнак VSOP пу
Армениан Когнак ВС пу