Shahnzaryan Premium
"Shahnazaryan Premium" brandy is a blend of more than 30 cognac spirits made on the basis of the best native varieties of Armenian grapes. Only thanks to the local varieties, the Armenian brandy of the "Shahnazaryan" EVA acquires the very unique taste and aroma, the popularity of which has crossed the borders of its state for many years.
With each new sip, the aroma of "Shahnazaryan Premium" brandy opens up in a new way, surprising with its fruity notes of ripe pears and citrus, to the shades of old oak and nuts. The taste is complex, velvety. The finish is soft, pleasant, with hints of vanilla.

Assortment: 3 years (g/b); 5 years (g/b); 7 years (g/b);
Alcohol: 40 %
Volume: 0.5 l