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Pearl of Armenia
«The Pearl of Armenia" is a high quality brandy that has absorbed all the best of the amazing country of Armenia - the warm sun, the special energy of the earth, and of course, the bright aroma and amazing sweetness of Armenian grapes. All brandy spirits used in the composition of the brandy range of this drink are aged in old oak barrels, due to which it acquires a light and magnificent character. The bouquet of the drink reveals itself almost immediately, and allows the consumer to enjoy the nuances of candied fruits, with hints of vanilla and dark chocolate. Brandy has a bright, long and rich aftertaste, with tones of prunes and spices.

Assortment: 3 years (g/b); 5 years (g/b); 7 years (g/b);
Volume: 0.5 l

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Pearl of armenia 5
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